Many families with children in school age do not have the opportunity to stay more than a few weeks (during Christmas holiday) in India. That is because their children are not allowed to stay away from school. Since there are a lot of things to explore in India many families wish to stay a longer time. 

We are offering an opportunity for Swedish families to stay longer in Kerala. 


Swedish Tuition Centre with high pedagogic competence in Varkala

The children will be tauhgt under guidance of certified well-experienced Swedish teachers in our Tuition Centre in Varkala, just 50 km from Trivandrum in the state of Kerala. The pupils will range in age from 6 to 12 years. After the students have been furnished with detailde instructions by their teachers in Sweden, we will design an individual syllabus for each one. 

The continuous Theme "India"

Along with the ordinary subjects we are continuosly working with the theme "India" in different ways. We want to give the pupils a unique experience and skill about culture, religion, language, nature and animals etc of India. We believe that awareness about the cultural background of different human beings will enrich the understanding between people. That will hopefully help us on the winding path towards a more peaceful world.



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